• Brushy Ball

    Getting kids to brush has never been easier! This sink-top timer and instructor gives visual and audible cues.

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  • Sensory Fidget Brushes-Set of 6

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    Sensory brushes provide a great fidget toy and sensory integration tool.

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  • Anemone Sensory Mittens

    Use these adorable, soft sensory mittens as a sensory outlet and to minimize biting!

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  • Tactile Scrub Brush -10 Pack

    This tactile brush has soft, flexible bristles on one side and soft foam on the other to provide a choice between two types of tactile stimulation.

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  • Sensory Brushes - 6 Pack

    Provides tactile stimulation and deep pressure. Can be used for the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol.

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  • Handle for Sensory Brush - 3 Pack

    This comfortable handle snaps right onto your sensory brush, making it easy to grasp.

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  • Wilbarger Therapy Brush-6 Pack

    Brushing provides sensory input and deep pressure. Suitable for use with the Wilbarger Protocol.

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  • Tactile Tiger Brush

    This tactile brush may be small in size, but it packs a huge sensory punch.

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