• Weighted Fleece Hoodie

    From $54.99 - $57.99
    Combines calming effect of soft fleece with interior weight to help focus and self-regulate.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Stretchy Dino Wrap

    The Stretchy Dino Wrap is great for kids on the move who need compression and play.

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  • Weighted Compression Vests- Black

    Combines calming compression and weight. Discrete design and sized larger for older kids, teens and adults.

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  • Anemone Sensory Mittens

    Use these adorable, soft sensory mittens as a sensory outlet and to minimize biting!

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  • Cool Weighted Tie™

    All-ages weighted accessory. Wear as a tie, scarf or belt for calming weight wherever you need it most.

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  • Kids Weighted Suspenders™

    Fashionable and fun! Suspenders provide deep pressure and gentle weight directly to both shoulders.

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  • Weighted Pocket Scarf™

    For warmth, fashion and function! Features 1.5 lbs. of weight and pockets for fidgets.

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  • Fidget Keeper

    From $16.00 - $17.50
    Provides the benefits of a weighted vest with the flexible styling of a sash.

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  • Weighted Tactile Beanbag (set of 5)

    Using the beanbags will provide upper extremity exercise, heavy work, and tactile exploration.

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  • Weighted Tactile Beanbags-Set of 5

    From $19.99 - $22.99
    For upper extremity exercise, heavy work and tactile exploration. Tuck into weighted vests for deep pressure.

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  • Stretch Denim Weighted Vest

    Provides grounding weight and gentle compression in one stylish vest.

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  • Hooded Top for SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest


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    The perfect accessory for your Squease Inflatable Pressure Vest

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  • Dressing Up Variety Pack

    Starts at $19.99

    This collection of dress up clothing was designed for kids with special needs but will be appreciated by all kids who love to dress up!
  • Denim Weighted Baseball Cap

    Top of your sensory diet! Weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire rim of our stylish cap.

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