• Noise Reduction Headphones

    Blocks out noise extraneous sounds, while still allow in sound so kids can participate in their surroundings.

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  • Self Calming Tools Kit



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    Get all the tools you need to help a child stay calm in one place. Kit includes weighted lap pad, wiggle cushion, kids’ tent and more!

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  • Mood Stabilization Kit



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    All the pieces you need to get your kids back on track and feeling energetic and ready to learn!

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  • Sound-Proof Homework Kit


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    Got the after-school homework blues? Let the Sound-Proof Homework Kit help your kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!

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  • B-Calm GP

    Sensory-challenged kids can calm down with AudioSedation or their favorite tunes loaded onto the B-Calm GP.

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  • SensGard ZEM

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    Minimize auditory stimulation and maximize your child's concentration with the ZEM headset by SensGard.

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  • Forbrain


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    Forbrain is a revolutionary headset that helps develop auditory processing and vocalization skills to improve speech and communication.

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