• Therapist Pick

    Fiber Optic Flexible Lights with Light Source

    From $399.99 - $429.99
    Bendable light strands emit a soothing glow and change colors. Encourages calming, attention and focus.

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  • Soft Play Tunnel with LED Lights

    Crawl into this tunnel and enjoy the color-changing fiber optics for a calming sensory experience bar none!

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  • LED Fiber Optic Cascade - Calming


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    The LED Fiber Optics Cascade provides calming visual input that relieves stress and restores focus.

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  • Fiber Optic Softie Beanbag for Calming


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    Combines the comfort of a bean bag with fun fiber optics that offer comforting visual and tactile stimulation.

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  • Groovy Lava Lamp

    $12.99 As low as: $11.99

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    This Groovy Lava Lamp is an affordable way to provide calming visual sensory input in any bedroom, waiting room or sensory room.

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  • Vibrating Fiber Optic

    $11.99 As low as: $10.49
    These vibrating fiber optic strings swirl and magically reflect changing colors to create calm for all who use it.

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  • UV Fiber Optic Sensory Lighting Kit

    From $621.99 - $1,192.99

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    These UV lights are great for providing visual and tactile stimulation on their own or as part of a sensory room.

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  • IRiS Color Selector


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    The IRiS Color Selector allows a user to control any IRiS Listener from anywhere within a room.

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  • Starry Starry Night-3 Pack

    $7.99 As low as: $6.45
    These fun space-themed decals gently brighten any dark room with no electricity required.

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