• Quick View Plush Pickle

    Plush Pickle

    A friendly weighted lap pad for regulation and sensory integration.

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  • Quick View ABC Fine Motor Book

    ABC Fine Motor Book

    An alphabet-themed book full of engaging activities and guidance. Learn your ABCs while building fine motor skills. 


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  • Quick View Thingamajig Chewy-Set of 2

    Thingamajig Chewy-Set of 2

    A set of two fidget/chewies that are fun to manipulate and keep nearby for when a sensory break or oral motor needs are warranted.

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  • Quick View The Rock Chewy

    The Rock Chewy

    Hard as a rock, the Rock Chewy is tough enough for aggressive biters.
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  • Quick View Smooth Chewy Necklace

    Smooth Chewy Necklace

    Smooth silicone surface for light to moderate chewers with tactile sensitivity.
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  • Quick View Vibra Chew

    Vibra Chew

    Reach deep into the back of the jaw or massage the facial muscles with the Vibra Chew.
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  • Therapist Pick

    Quick View Bangles Chewy Bracelet - Set of 3

    Bangles Chewy Bracelet - Set of 3

    Add a pop of color! Teething jewelry for infants or a convenient and fashionable chew toy for older children.

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  • Quick View Discovery Putty - School Tools

    Discovery Putty - School Tools

    Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Discovery Putty is the playful way to strengthen hands and improve fine motor planning.

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