• ABC Fine Motor Book


    An alphabet-themed book full of engaging activities and guidance. Learn your ABCs while building fine motor skills. 

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  • Interactive Reading Book Sets

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    These 3-D interactive books were designed with emergent and special needs readers in mind.

  • Sensory Processing Challenges

    Occupational therapist Lindsey Biel's practical roadmap to SPD helps educators learn how to provide comprehensive care for kids and teens.

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  • Tool Chest: For Teachers, Parents and Students Handbook


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    This illustrated handbook helps teachers and parents guide children to physical and emotional comfort as they get older.

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  • SI Tools for Teens Handbook


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    This handbook highlights sensory integration and sensory processing techniques for teens, their parents, teachers and therapists.

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  • Sensory Songs for Tots Music CD ™


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    This CD has 27 songs that help preschoolers and young children with sensory processing disorder handle everyday activities more calmly.

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  • The Way I Feel

    This adorable board book helps kids understand the complexity of their emotions and the feelings of others.

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  • Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom


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    See a behavior? Look it up!

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  • Sensory-Based Problem Behaviors and Interventions


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    The Typical Classroom Sensory Book consists of 42 pages that provide many suggestions for therapeutic interventions.

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