• Language Memory Matching Game

    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while encouraging social interaction.
  • Putty Elements 2 oz DESERT


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    Pocket-sized tin of soft resistance putty for strengthening fingers and fidgeting whenever needed.
  • Language Builder: Picture Noun Cards

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    Ours: $134.99

    Save: $15.00

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    These cards contain images specially selected for familiarity and cognitive development and are ideal for home, school and clinic use.
  • Cool Chews Retro Pink Car



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    Cool Chews are a fun, socially appropriate way to calm and focus kids.
  • Move, Think and Get It Done Homework Kit



    Save: 10%

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    Get a Homework Helper Kit to help kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!
  • Foam Balance Beam

    Compare At: $39.99

    Ours: $29.99

    Save: $10.00
    Improve balance and coordination with our Foam Balance Beam at an impressively low price!
  • LimeLite™ LED Stool

    A soothing spot to sit to calm down. Cycles through many colors to help kids develop visual attention.
  • LimeLite™ LED Chair

    Sitting, reading or relaxing in this multi-colored LED chair hones visual attention and color recognition skills.
  • Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Compare At: $34.99

    Ours: $29.99

    Save: $5.00
    Bright as the sun with contrasting colors makes this necklace fun to wear and chew on!
  • EMT Dressing Vest

    Our innovative and incredibly realistic vocational dressing vests can double as weighted vests and are super cool!
  • Fairy Princess Dressing Ball Gown Skirt



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    This ballgown style dress up skirt will ensure that your child has a ball while playing individually or with others.
  • Fairy Princess Dressing Vest



    Save: 25%
    The Fairy Princess Dressing Vest has a magical way of getting kids to develop fine motor skills and creativity simultaneously.
  • Climbing Ladder

    A climbing ladder that moves and encourages motor planning and confidence!
  • Teen Chewy Bracelet

    Heavy duty chewelry that can withstand tween and teen chompers.
  • Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel - Large

    Compare At: $69.99

    Ours: $59.99

    Save: 14%
    This large resistance tunnel calms kids by providing heavy work, joint proprioception and a super fun place to play.
  • Chewy Superpack



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    A variety of chewies with varying textures to support oral motor needs.
  • Weighted Blanket-Twin Size

    Compare At: $152.99

    Ours: $129.99

    Save: 15%
    With its soft fabric covering and calming deep pressure, this twin-sized weighted blanket is perfect for individual use.
  • Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands are covered in a terry cloth enabling even sensory defensive children to get a great workout!
  • Cool Weighted Tie™

    All-ages weighted accessory. Wear as a tie, scarf or belt for calming weight wherever you need it most.
  • In A Pickle

    A card game designed by pediatric therapists that makes sensory integration activities fun!
  • Tactile Sensory Ball

    Covered in hundreds of raised bumps for tactile fun! Makes seating, exercise and therapeutic activities more stimulating.
  • Royal Jewelry Chew Set

    Compare At: $46.49

    Ours: $33.99

    Save: 27%
    Wear as jewlery to keep theses smooth-feeling fidgets and chewies nearby at all times.
  • Gnaw Straws - 3 Pack

    Helps develop oral motor and fine motor skills. Use for biting, chewing, blowing, fidgeting and more!
  • Scooter Super Pack



    Save: 15%
    This Scooter Pack includes four different scooter boards so that kids can play together while working on gross motor skills, balance and more.
  • Crawl And Calm Resistance Tunnel - Small

    This tunnel provides heavy work and joint proprioception, but it's so light that it can be stored easily.
  • Black Bead Chew Necklace

    A fashionable piece of chewy jewelry for babies and kids -- and moms too!
  • Find Me™ Lap Pad - Dino Land (7.5 lbs. 23 x 11 inches)

    This dino-themed weighted lap pad offers challenging activities and 7.5 lbs. of deep pressure for kids age 10+.
  • Air-Lite™ Tire Swing

    Compare At: $252.99

    Ours: $229.99

    Save: 9%
    Climb, swing and spin indoors on our lightweight, inflatable swing. Supports up to 3 children.
  • Guess How I Feel? Game

    Compare At: $29.99

    Ours: $19.99

    Save: 33%
    The social skills activities included in this board game provide all children with social skills training in a fun and understandable way.
  • Textured Bangle Bracelets

    Ridges of soft silicone to satisfy the urge to chew. Slip on and off for easy fidgeting.
  • Dressing Up Bundle



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    You get 4 of our best outfits designed specifically for kids with special needs but attractive to any kid who loves to pretend.
  • Harry the Sensory Hedgehog

    Use him as a pillow or a lap pad. Harry is happy to be your friend!
  • Policeman Dressing Vest

    Our innovative and incredibly realistic vocational dressing vests can double as weighted vests and are super cool!
  • Anemone Floor Sliders

    The coolest slippers around! Slip these on and kids will have a blast "skating" around the house and challenging balance reactions.
  • Soft Pressure Candy Dress-Pink/ Green (Size 11/12)



    Save: $16.00

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    Twirl and feel how easily this dress moves with you!
  • Mood Squares

    Feeling happy, sad or angry? Squeeze, manipulate and choose your mood.
  • Lori hammock Chair for Children

    This indoor/outdoor hammock chair provides tactile and sensory input with a calming swinging motion.
  • Air-Lite™ Junior Bolster Swing

    Straddle or sit while you swing! A fun way to challenge motor skills and core muscle strength.
  • Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag-8 lbs.

    Sleep well on camping trips, sleepovers, vacations and at home with this evenly-weighted 8 lb. sleeping bag.
  • Therapist Pick

    Vibrating Bee

    He's the Vibrating Bee that helps kids calm and focus with his gentle vibrating body.
  • Sensory Twists - Set of 6

    Squeeze, twist, grab and toss these fun-to-feel Sensory Twists.
  • Textured Platform Swing™

    Compare At: $224.99

    Ours: $199.99

    Save: $25.00

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    A sturdy base with wide surface area provides stability. Sit, kneel, stand or lie on your tummy while you swing.
  • Whisper Tilt 'N Spin

    Compare At: $224.99

    Ours: $199.99

    Save: $25.00
    This kids' balance board is so much fun, they won’t even notice the vestibular input and balance training it provides!
  • Therapist Pick

    Scooter Paddles-2 Pack

    Scooter paddles are perfect for a heavy upper extremity workout.
  • Ceiling Swing Hooks - Set of 2


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    Hang your swing(s) at home safely and securely with these ceiling swing hooks.
  • Adjustable Double Trapeze Bar Swing

    Sit, swing or hang like a monkey! Great source of vestibular input and heavy work.
  • Give A Flip

    Compare At: $59.99

    Ours: $39.99

    Save: $20.00
    The best in eye-hand coordination training! This 5" x 24" wooden flip board teaches timing, motor planning and eye-hand-foot coordination.
  • 16" Scooter

    Develops sensory processing, coordination, balance and agility skills from various scooter activities.
  • Hand Eye Coordination Scarves Set

    The scarves that teach bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination and balance.
  • Tie Dye T-shirt Chewy Necklace

    Chomp or fidget with this groovy tie dye t-shirt chewy.
  • Senseez Pillow - Furry Cow


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    This colorful, lightweight, fun shaped vinyl Senseez Pillow offers gentle vibration when it is squeezed or sat on.
  • Turquoise Egg Pendant

    A cool-looking chewy kids can wear for when the urge to bite or chew strikes.
  • Interlox

    Give your little budding construction worker the toy they will love! Build, design and create with Interlox's translucent pieces!
  • Explorer Dome Small

    The Explorer Dome is a small adventure tent that kids can use as a space capsule, futuristic dwelling or just a quiet place to relax.
  • Therapist Pick

    Rockin Rocker Board

    Compare At: $84.99

    Ours: $69.99

    Save: $15.00
    Get the sturdiest, most functional rocker board ever!
  • Furry Spots



    Save: 15%

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    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.
  • Soft Saddle Scooter™-Large

    Kids glide with confidence on this comfortable Saddle Scooter, now in bigger size.
  • Rainbow Bead Chew Necklace

    A fashionable piece of chewy jewelry for babies and kids -- and moms too!
  • The Rock Chewy

    A tough-as-rocks chewy for active chompers. Looks cool, too!
  • Therapist Pick

    Buoy Ball Swing

    Climb on the Buoy Ball Swing and ride away while working on balance reactions and motor planning!
  • P's & Q's

    P's & Q's are fun new exercisers for practicing biting and chewing skills! Pack them in your treatme
  • Busy Fingers™ Fidget Lap Pad

    Put the wiggles to rest and keep fidgety fingers engaged! Provides soothing weight and engaging activities to encourage focus.
  • Chewy Necklace Kit



    Two great chewable necklaces that provide finger work and oral motor exploration.
  • Therapist Pick

    Snapping Turtles- Set of 3

    3 weighted turtle beanbags that encourage snapping and unsnapping.
  • Currambera Hammock Chair Lounger

    Provides deep pressure and calming movement for children and adults. Supports 2-3 people at once.
  • Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Strengthen muscles while getting proprioceptive input in this stretchy rocketship-themed tunnel. Great for kids with autism and sensory challenges!
  • Little Pencils- 24 Pack

    Learning to write is easier with smaller pencils that teach kids how to grip the pencil.
  • Cool Chew Super Pack



    Save: 8%
    A super pack of chewies with textured surfaces for a varied sensory experience.
  • Vest Bundle

    Compare At: $89.97

    Ours: $76.49

    Save: $13.48

    Become a police officer, EMT or firefighter with this vest pack perfect for kids ages 3-8.

  • Therapist Pick

    Jumping Board

    Compare At: $199.99

    Ours: $139.99

    Save: $60.00
    Jumping Board is perfect for getting a heavy workout and sensory integration training.
  • Air-Lite Sensory Kit



    Save: $56.00

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    Durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Includes tools to encourage movement, balance, motor planning and socialization.

  • Pink/Red Candy Dress Size 11/12



    Save: $16.00

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    The Dress For Girls on a Sensory Diet
  • Fur Heaven Blanket Bundle (Blue)

    Get the sensory input you crave with this soft weighted blanket and cozy, furry slipcover.
  • Therapist Pick

    Reggie Regulation Ruler

    Compare At: $24.99

    Ours: $19.99

    Save: $5.00
    It's a ruler, emotional regulator, activity stimulator and fidget all in one!