• Quick View Vibra Chews

    Vibra Chews

    Reach deep into the back of the jaw or massage the facial muscles.
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    Quick View Discovery Putty™

    Discovery Putty™

    Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Discovery Putty is the playful way to strengthen hands and improve fine motor planning.
    From $14.99 - $49.99

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  • Quick View Putty Elements 2 oz DESERT

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    Putty Elements 2 oz DESERT

    Pocket-sized tin of soft resistance putty for strengthening fingers and fidgeting whenever needed.
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  • Quick View Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Bright as the sun with contrasting colors makes this necklace fun to wear and chew on!

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  • Quick View Chewy Superpack

    Chewy Superpack

    A variety of chewies with varying textures to support oral motor needs.



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  • Quick View Homestand Portable Swing Frames

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    Homestand Portable Swing Frames

    Get set up and swinging almost anywhere! Portable swing frames are safe for heavy-duty swinging indoors and out.
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  • Quick View Soft Taco Swing

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    Soft Taco Swing

    This soft therapy swing provides full-body pressure and calming input for over-stimulated kids and adults.
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  • Quick View Plywood Platform Swing

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    Plywood Platform Swing

    This carpeted and padded platform swing provides a smooth and stable ride.
    From $188.99 - $299.99

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  • Quick View Fidget Keeper

    Fidget Keeper

    Provides the benefits of a weighted vest with the flexible styling of a sash.
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  • Quick View Furry Seat Cover -Zebra

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    Furry Seat Cover -Zebra

    Not only is this Feely Fur Cushion Cover cool looking, it is incredibly, amazingly soft.



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  • Quick View Furry Seat Cushion

    Furry Seat Cushion

    Tweens and Teens need to move too! This oversized cushion is perfect for your older, cool kids.
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  • Quick View Furry Spots

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    Furry Spots

    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.



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