• Quick View Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Bright as the sun with contrasting colors makes this necklace fun to wear and chew on!

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  • Quick View Chewy Superpack

    Chewy Superpack

    A super chewy pack for all your sensory and oral motor needs.

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  • Quick View Homestand Portable Swing Frames

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    Homestand Portable Swing Frames

    Get set up and swinging almost anywhere! Portable swing frames are safe for heavy-duty swinging indoors and out.
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  • Quick View Soft Taco Swing

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    Soft Taco Swing

    This soft therapy swing provides full-body pressure and calming input for over-stimulated kids and adults.
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  • Quick View Furry Spots

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    Furry Spots

    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.


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  • Quick View Scooter Super Pack

    Scooter Super Pack

    This Scooter Pack includes four different scooter boards so that kids can play together while working on gross motor skills, balance and more.


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  • Quick View Guess How I Feel? Game

    Guess How I Feel? Game

    The social skills activities included in this board game provide all children with social skills training in a fun and understandable way.

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  • Quick View Language Memory Matching Game

    Language Memory Matching Game

    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while encouraging social interaction.
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