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Toys for Fine Motor Delay

Kids with fine motor delays can benefit from tools that help them build hand strength, finger muscles and fine motor skills. Therapists and kids love therapy putty as a versatile tool that can be used in the clinic, at home or even on the go. There are so many creative ways to pinch, pull, fold, roll and squeeze putty to work hand and finger muscles, improve grip strength and promote dexterity. Use sand and putty tools to extend imaginative play. In school, kids with poor bilateral coordination can benefit from using long loop or self-opening scissors when cutting paper. At home, build bilateral coordination skills using fidgets such as sensory pop tubes or marble mazes. Kids with poor handwriting may choose to use slant boards, palm weights, pencil weights, pencil grips or even a special handwriting glove when completing seatwork or homework. For fine motor work that's also a fun tactile experience, kids with sensory needs can mold weighted sand or feel slime ooze through their fingers. Fidgets are fun and irresistible and kids with fine motor weakness can build hand and finger strength as they twist, squeeze and manipulate fidget tools. Kids with fine motor delays can clip fidgets to their backpacks or stash them in a pocket to build fine motor skills during class, on the bus or while watching TV.

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