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  1. Plasma Car
    MP1501P Plasma Car
    From $69.99
  2. Floor Chair
    CF7278 Floor Chair
  3. Super Chews - Textured
    GO3719 Super Chews - Textured
  4. Super Chews - Smooth
    GO3720 Super Chews - Smooth
  5. Chew Lolli Swirl Red No Flavor
    CF4683 Chew Lolli Swirl Red No Flavor
  6. Squiggle Wiggle Writer - 2 Pack
    RW5060 Squiggle Wiggle Writer - 2 Pack
  7. The Jumbo Grip -12 Pack
    DZ1444 The Jumbo Grip -12 Pack
  8. Solo Grip (12 Pack)
    DZ1115 Solo Grip (12 Pack)
  9. Travel Slant Board
    HW1449 Travel Slant Board
  10. Basic Floor Mat
    EQ1599 Basic Floor Mat
  11. Bite Bands - 6 Pack
    GO4391 Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  12. Fold-and-Go Trampoline
    VS1714 Fold-and-Go Trampoline
  13. One-Finger Spacer (20 Pack)
    HW7316 One-Finger Spacer (20 Pack)
  14. Handiwriter - 6 Pack
    HW4669 Handiwriter - 6 Pack
  15. The Pencil Grip - Neon (12 ct.)
    HW2514 The Pencil Grip - Neon (12 ct.)
  16. ARK’s Original Grabber®-3 Pack
    MQ1620 ARK’s Original Grabber®-3 Pack
  17. ARK’s Grabber XT®- 3 Pack
    MQ1621 ARK’s Grabber XT®- 3 Pack
  18. P's & Q's
    GO1767 P's & Q's
  19. Z-Vibe Carry Kit
    GO5940 Z-Vibe Carry Kit
  20. Z-Vibe Popette Tip
    GO2119 Z-Vibe Popette Tip
  21. Textured Pop Beads
    HS3660 Textured Pop Beads

Products 1-24 of 252

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Toys & Products for Kids with Hypotonia

Kids with low muscle tone can improve their strength and coordination. Sensory tools can be integrated throughout the day to support kids with hypotonia and help them develop physical stamina. Active seating such as cushions or wobble chairs encourage postural control and balance. Kids can slip a cushion beneath them for circle time, classwork, homework and even mealtime. Cushions are portable and lightweight, and can easily be taken from home to school. Classroom tasks like cutting and writing can be challenging for kids with hypotonia. Using special scissors for kids with weak fine motor skills, pencil grips and slantboards can support kids and help them succeed in the classroom. Putties and fidgets can address fine motor delays and help improve finger strength, coordination and motor control. Body socks and stretch tunnels offer resistance so kids with hypotonia can build strength as they stretch, pretend and play during therapy sessions or playtime. Swings, scooters and trampolines can be incorporated into sensory rooms or therapy sessions and are incredibly fun tools that help kids develop physical stamina. Kids who present with low muscle tone in the mouth can use chewies for oral stimulation. Chewies that go on necklaces and chewelry like bracelets are stylish and convenient for on-the-go use. Our products appeal to therapists and parents looking for kid-friendly tools that help with hypotonia.

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