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Discovery Dry Erase Climbing Wall 8'

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Why We Love It

Climb and Learn

Kids climbing the wall? Yes! The Discovery Dry Erase Wall features colorful climbing holds in different sizes for kids to use as they move across the wall. Climbing provides proprioceptive input as kids shift their weight from hold to hold. Take gross motor work to the next level by using dry erase markers or magnets to write and draw on the wall, transforming climbing into a curricular activity. Easily reposition the climbing holds in any of the preset holes to change up the challenge. There’s nothing like the confident smile of a kid who’s just crossed the entire rock wall! Safety mats sold separately.

  • Helps improve core strength, motor planning skills, balance and bilateral coordination
  • Red Relief Line guides kids to stay close to the floor for safety
  • Supports kids with gross motor challenges, ADHD or sensory processing disorder
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

  • Write vocabulary words near each hold. Students call out each word and definition as they pass each hold
  • Place a number magnet next to each hold. Have students use holds with only odd numbers
  • For an extra gross motor challenge, guide kids to climb using holds of only one color

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Helps With

Gross Motor & Balance Skills, Mood & Attention


  • Regular: Includes one panel, 20 climbing holds and 66 T-nuts. 8’H x 4’L. Weighs 140 lbs. Holds 1 person, up to 350 lbs.
  • Long: Includes five panels, 100 climbing holds and 330 T-nuts. 8’H x 20’L. Each panel weighs 140 lbs. Holds 1-5 people, up to 350 lbs. per panel
  • Both sizes include Red Relief Line, four dry erase markers and over 500 sentence building magnets, word magnets and math magnets
  • Wall made of plywood coated with dry erase paint. Resin holds. Mild steel hardware
  • Surface wash. Wipe dry.
  • Colors: White wall with green, yellow and red holds

Safety Information

Use only with adult supervision. Professional installation is required. A safety area of at least 7 feet must extend around the climbing wall. This safety area needs to be free of obstacles, sharp edges, and sharp objects and not overlap with the safety area of other equipment. Floor mats of adequate thickness should be used to protect users from falls. Rock or wall climbing indoors and outdoors is an inherently dangerous sport. The activity of climbing can lead to significant personal injury, disfigurement or death. Even though one may be climbing indoors on an artificial wall, risks still exist and caution must be exercised. Fun and Function is not liable for injuries resulting from these inherent risks of climbing.

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