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Discovery Slime Pirate Treasure

Resistance putty with themed pieces (plus extra!) to hide inside

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Be Safe

Why We Love It

Sensory Slime for Fine Motor Work

Hunt for treasure in this smooth and ooey gooey slime that's fun to touch! With less resistance than therapy putty, this play slime is great for kids with low muscle tone to warm up their hands and practice fine motor work. Plus, it just looks and feels cool! Includes 12 adorable pirate-themed pieces to hide and find in the surprise slime. Don’t get slimed!

  • Fun, hands-on tool to engage fine motor and sensory skills
  • Versatile sensory tool for occupational therapy, speech language therapy or counseling sessions
  • Choose a few pieces to hide in the putty, then stretch and dig to find them
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Close your eyes and pull out a piece from the slime. Can you name the piece you pulled out?
Encourage language skills by making up a story with the pieces as you hide them in the slime
Pretend you're running away from the evil pirates, and try to find all the pieces before you're caught

Helps With

Fine Motor Coordination & Strength, Mood & Attention, Tactile Seeking


  • Includes slime and twelve pieces
  • Pieces: two pearls, four jewels, coin, skull and crossbones, chalice, map, sword and crown
  • Weighs 3 oz.
  • Made of silicone slime and resin pieces
  • Designed without gluten, casein, latex and soy.
  • Color: Yellow slime and multi-colored pieces
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Safety Information

This putty product has been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab and meets or exceeds government safety standards for heavy metals, phthalates and physical and mechanical hazards. Putty products with small components are tested for small parts. The putty container has been tested for lead and phthalates requirements.
Use with adult guidance. Not for mouthing or chewing. Product may stick to hair or fabric, or stain personal property. Not intended for use as earplugs.

Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

When using our products, remember that you – as the caregiver – know your child best. Please follow our safety recommendations, and provide additional supervision as needed for your child.

Though no chewy is indestructible, our categories can be helpful when choosing a chewy. Make sure the chewy you choose is appropriate for your child’s development and needs. Please follow our safety recommendations for chewies. Chewies should always be used with adult supervision.

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