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  1. Spring LED Ceiling Lights
    SP7226 Spring LED Ceiling Lights
  2. Wireless Sensory Room Switch Cards
    CF7247 Wireless Sensory Room Switch Cards
  3. Monkey and Zebra Animal Lap Pads
    WR4268P Animal Lap Pads
    From $53.99
  4. Toddler girl happily wearing the gray Honeycomb Weighted Vest
    DR7091P Honeycomb Weighted Vest
  5. Spot Markers
    CF5878P Spot Markers
    From $24.99
  6. Interactive Hallway Wall Panel with mirrors, knobs, balls, chains, tambourine, abacus, spinners and ratchets
    SP7169 Interactive Corridor Wall Panel
  7. Child whispering to her friend while both sit on Squishy Gel Cushions in colors blue and green
    CF4635P Squishy Gel Cushions
    From $20.99
  8. two children smiling while wearing the weighted-compression-vest in colors red and blue
    WR1809P The Original Weighted Compression Vest™
    From $78.99
  9. Boy sitting on a green Educube Chair
    EQ6681P Educube Chairs
    From $106.99
  10. Set of 5 Digi Squeeze balls in colors yellow, blue, red, black and green
    CF4929 Digi Squeeze- Set of 5
  11. Animal Shape Sorter
    CF7360 Animal Shape Sorter
  12. Sensory Hallway set up with with Sensory activities on the walls and floor
    KT7474 Sensory Hallway

    Starting at $36.99

    Out of stock
  13. Children enjoying the Sensory Classroom Corner
    CF7035 Classroom Corner - Custom Choice

    Starting at $37.99

13 Products

per page
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