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  1. SensaSoft™ Square Interactive Ball Pit (Balls included)
    CF7170P SensaSoft™ Square Interactive Ball Pit (Balls included)
  2. SensaSoft™ Vibrochair - Custom Color
    Custom Vibrochair SensaSoft™ Vibrochair - Custom Color
  3. Pet Massager - Tickles the Turtle in the color green
    SP6808 Pet Massager - Tickles the Turtle
  4. Girl smiling while wearing the navy blue Sensory Sleeves
    SP6108 Sensory Sleeves
  5. Stretch Bands
    MW6045P Stretch Bands
    From $16.99
  6. Discovery Putty - School Tools
    SP6088 Discovery Putty - School Tools
  7. Discovery Putty - Transportation Station
    SP6089 Discovery Putty- Transportation Station
  8. Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove
    RW6075 Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove
  9. Anemone Sensory Mittens
    SP6107 Anemone Sensory Mittens
  10. Anemone Desk Fidget - 3 Pack
    CF6022 Anemone Desk Fidget - 3 Pack
  11. Red and yellow Sensory Bin Pebblets
    SP5985 Sensory Bin Pebblets
  12. Chewy Fidget Coil
    CF6115 Chewy Fidget Coil
  13. Green Kid-Sized Pencil
    HW6151 Little Pencils- 24 Pack
  14. folded up Dark and light blue Hug Sleeping Bag
    CF6129 № Hug Sleeping Bag™
  15. Fidget Balls - Set of 3. Red sand; Clear with red, yellow and blue pellets; Clear with yellow, red and green balls
    SP6139 Fidget Balls - Set of 3
  16. Therapist Kit messenger bag, in colors Black and blue, with the Fun and Function logo
    CF6231 Therapist Kit
  17. Cocoon Climbing Swing
    MW6506 Cocoon Climbing Swing
  18. Yellow, green and black Scooter Paddles
    MW6153 Scooter Paddles-2 Pack
  19. Action Room - Standard
    KT6189 Action Room - Standard
  20. Pencil Toppers - 3 Pack XT (Star)
    CF7338 Pencil Toppers - 3 Pack XT (Star)
  21. blue, red and yellow textured Pencil Toppers
    CF6162 Pencil Toppers - 3 Pack (Textured)
  22. Red, blue and yellow Snapping Turtles - Set of 3
    CF6174 Snapping Turtles - Set of 3
  23. Woman smiling while wearing the Adult Weighted Compression Vest in the color black
    DR6163P The Original Weighted Compression Vest™ - For Adults & Kids
  24. Clear Chew Necklace
    CF6113 Clear Chew Necklace

Products 145-168 of 533

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Products for Kids with Disabilities

Our products for kids with disabilities help kids meet their goals as they develop and grow. The youngest children can learn about the world through tactile and texture exploration. Early learning tools can be incorporated into playtime or therapy sessions to support fine and gross motor skills, bilateral coordination and sensory integration. As kids develop the gross motor coordination to walk, jump and climb, sensory equipment such as balance blocks, trampolines and climbing walls helps kids build core strength and refine motor planning skills. For kids with sensory processing disorder, biting toys can support self-regulation and sharpen focus. Kids with auditory processing disorder can benefit from toys for kids with CAPD. Kids with developmental disorders such as autism or cerebral palsy can use tools that help them meet goals in occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy or speech and language therapy. Kids with anxiety or ADHD may love using toys to increase attention span and calming toys. Kids are always moving on to the next achievement, and there's always a tool to support that growth.