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  1. LED Sensory Roller Slide
    SP7199 LED Sensory Roller Slide
  2. SensaSoft™ Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit
    CF7269 SensaSoft™ Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit
  3. SensaSoft™ Bean Bag Chair with Fiber Optic Strands
    SP7181P SensaSoft™ Bean Bag Chair with Fiber Optic Strands
  4. Girl smiling while wearing the navy blue Sensory Sleeves
    SP6108 Sensory Sleeves
  5. Anemone Sensory Mittens
    SP6107 Anemone Sensory Mittens
  6. Sensory Bin
    SP5876P Sensory Bin
    From $6.49
  7. Teen Break Box® Container
    CF7164 Teen Break Box®
  8. Harry the Sensory Hedgehog
    SP6284 Harry the Sensory Hedgehog
  9. Light blue and light yellow Sensory Fidget Brushes - 6 Pack
    CF6292 Sensory Fidget Brushes - Set of 6
  10. Girl smiling with the Sensory Survival Kit™ - Pencil Toppers, Scarves Set, Putty, Gel Puzzle, Stretch Band, Fidget Brushes
    CF6512 Sensory Survival Kit™
  11. Textured Foam Roller
    CF6281 Textured Foam Roller
  12. SensaSoft™ Compression Canoe-Teal
    CF6650 SensaSoft™ Compression Canoe-Teal
  13. Blue, orange, brown, white, green and red Sensory Mini Mats
    SP6679 Sensory Mini Mats
  14. yellow Tray with green sand
    CF6692 Tray for Sand and Putty
  15. blue folded Snuggle Sheet
    CF6665P Snuggle Compression Sheet
    From $44.49
  16. Glitter Weighted Sand
    CF6822 Glitter Weighted Sand
  17. blue Large Silicone Sensory Brush
    CF6830 Large Silicone Sensory Brush
  18. blue Transformer Sensory Sack™
    MW5873P Transformer Sensory Sack™
    From $32.99
  19. Tin of Emotions See Through Putty
    CF7050 Emotions See Through Putty
  20. Sequin Sensory Wall Panels
    CF7326P Sensory Wall Panels
    From $58.99
  21. Sensory Snow
    SP7108 Sensory Snow
  22. Green Sensory Gel Maze
    TC3747 Sensory Gel Maze
  23. A Pressure Foam Roller in the colors green, red, yellow and orange
    CF5821 Pressure Foam Roller
  24. Girl sitting down and touching the Tactile Play Mat
    SP8378 TacTile Play Mat

Products 1-24 of 42

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Products for Kids with Disabilities

Our products for kids with disabilities help kids meet their goals as they develop and grow. The youngest children can learn about the world through tactile and texture exploration. Early learning tools can be incorporated into playtime or therapy sessions to support fine and gross motor skills, bilateral coordination and sensory integration. As kids develop the gross motor coordination to walk, jump and climb, sensory equipment such as balance blocks, trampolines and climbing walls helps kids build core strength and refine motor planning skills. For kids with sensory processing disorder, biting toys can support self-regulation and sharpen focus. Kids with auditory processing disorder can benefit from toys for kids with CAPD. Kids with developmental disorders such as autism or cerebral palsy can use tools that help them meet goals in occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy or speech and language therapy. Kids with anxiety or ADHD may love using toys to increase attention span and calming toys. Kids are always moving on to the next achievement, and there's always a tool to support that growth.