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  • Best Fidget EVER!

    The soft plush mazes are a the BEST FIDGET EVER -- they're everyone's favorite, including the teachers! The sensory-seeking kids love being able to push around the marble and rub their fingers against the little beads. It's just a little touch to move the marble, so the resistance-seeking kids like that. The material is super soft and lots of the kids rub it against their cheeks and arms. It has just a bit of weight, which many kids find comfort when they set it on their lap. It's small enough to carry in their pocket and has no small parts that can be lost. And - best of all - it makes NO noise!! This fidget is an A+ winner!!!

  • Great for handwriting prep

    Our kids love tracing pictures and practicing their spelling words. Great way to use something fun with our school work! Love the gel and the pretty colors.

  • Love these!

    We ordered the star ones and the wide balloon shaped ones and my daughter loves them. They are big and long so no worries abut choking on them. My daughter has an obsession with picking the erasers off of pencils so these are a perfect product. they are similar in texture to an eraser so she can pick at them without damaging them and chew on them for sensory input. I love that these are removable so you can put them on whatever pencil you want and swap them out when the pencil wears down. I can't recommend them enough. Great product!

New & Bestsellers

  • Noise Reduction Headphones

    Noise Reduction Headphones

    Blocks out noise extraneous sounds, while still allow in sound so kids can participate in their surroundings.
  • Harry the Sensory Hedgehog

    Harry the Sensory Hedgehog

    Rub his hair or stuff his belly with fidget toys, weights or chewies as you enjoy Harry the Sensory Hedgehog
  • Sensory Twists - Set of 6

    Sensory Twists - Set of 6

    Squeeze, twist, grab and toss these fun-to-feel Sensory Twists.
  • Regulation Cubes

    Regulation Cubes

    Toss the Regulation Cube and pick an activity that meets your sensory motor needs.
  • In A Pickle

    In A Pickle

    A card game designed by pediatric therapists that makes sensory integration activities fun!

  • At the Beach Weighted Sand Kit

    At the Beach Weighted Sand Kit

    Bring the beach indoors! Mess-free weighted sand and toys for sensory integration.
  • Gel Floor Tiles

    Gel Floor Tiles

    The squishy and colorful gel encourages sensory integration and gross motor skills.
  • Monkey Bars

    Monkey Bars

    Children of all abilities love to swing like monkeys for heavy work and vestibular stimulation!
  • Wild Web

    Wild Web

    Climb your way to the top! Kids build confidence as they climb and benefit from vestibular therapy, muscle strengthening and motor planning.
  • Glo Putty

    Glo Putty

    This medium-resistance putty glows in the dark and encourages heavy hand work.

Sale! Save 25% 

  • Clear Chew

    Clear Chew

    Heavy chewers love to chomp down on this necklace to focus and relieve stress.
  • Chewy Straws-3 Pack

    Chewy Straws-3 Pack

    These super strong straws withstand aggressive biting and are a great source of sensory input to help induce calm and focus.
  • Gnaw Straws - 3 Pack

    Gnaw Straws - 3 Pack

    Gnaw Straws are great for developing oral motor skills as well as fine motor skills. Use for biting, chewing, blowing, fidgeting and more!
  • Cool Chews Race Car

    Cool Chews Race Car

    Cool Chews are a fun, socially appropriate way to calm and focus kids.
  • Cool Chews

    Cool Chews

    Kids feel calmer with every bite of our fun-shaped chew toys.

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