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  • Love it!

    I love this product as a fidget! I have a blue one, how many colors does it come in? Fun and Function Response: We love it too! The colors vary, it can come in any color of the rainbow (and in between!) ;)

  • Best Fidget EVER!

    The soft plush mazes are a the BEST FIDGET EVER -- they're everyone's favorite, including the teachers! The sensory-seeking kids love being able to push around the marble and rub their fingers against the little beads. It's just a little touch to move the marble, so the resistance-seeking kids like that. The material is super soft and lots of the kids rub it against their cheeks and arms. It has just a bit of weight, which many kids find comfort when they set it on their lap. It's small enough to carry in their pocket and has no small parts that can be lost. And - best of all - it makes NO noise!! This fidget is an A+ winner!!!

  • Net Swing

    My son needed an at home, non damaging to rental property, indoor option to the swung he has been using in therapy. This was a perfect option and will be a wonderful addition to what we are using.

New & Bestsellers

  • Round Plush Maze

    Round Plush Maze

    Take this light and compact maze on the go to encourage finger isolation and practice fine motor work.
  • LimeLite™ LED Cube

    LimeLite™ LED Cube

    An LED cube with changing colors that helps to calm kids’ moods.

  • LimeLite™ LED Ball

    LimeLite™ LED Ball

    Pick up the LED ball and watch the colors change. Its light is soothing and encourages interaction. 
  • LimeLite™ LED Chair

    LimeLite™ LED Chair

    A soothing spot to sit. The chair changes colors, which hones visual attention and color recognition skills.

  • Explorer's Vest

    Explorer's Vest

    Grab the Explorer Weighted Vest for an explore the outdoor world

Sale! Save 25% 

  • Scented Putties

    Scented Putties

    Choose from different scents and strengths of putty. Great for hand strengthening or as a hand fidget!
  • Chewy Superpack

    Chewy Superpack

    A super chewy pack for all your sensory and oral motor needs.
  • Air-Lite Sensory Kit

    Air-Lite Sensory Kit

    These sensory toys are durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Kit includes a Ball Pit, Barrel Roll and Junior Bolster Swing.

  • Fidget Keeper

    Fidget Keeper

    Provides the benefits of a weighted vest with the flexible styling of a sash.
  • Sensory Crash Pad/Blanket Slipcover

    Sensory Crash Pad/Blanket Slipcover

    Add warmth and weight to the Weighted Blanket or use as a crash mat or resting mat.

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