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  • Great for the oral sensory seeking child

    We got this for our 2 1/2 year old (we are aware age guideline is 3+) autistic foster child. He must lick everything to help him process but since wearing this necklace 90% of that is gone. It's amazing. We have also seen it have an impact when he becomes excited or anxious and has difficulty processing. The down side is the plastic clasps both broke the first day and didn't stand up to his chewing them. Secondly the roping isn't very durable and is starting to unravel. But most worrying is today he managed to bite off the tip of the shark tail fin. Up to this point I haven't even seen a tooth mark so I'm not sure how he managed to bite it off, but I hope it was a one off. I still love what this product has done for our child.

  • Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle

    Great product!

  • Bumpy Gel Cushion

    Our daughter loves it so far! She is using it as a seat cushion in her classroom. I was concerned that we might have to go to a more inflatable one with less movement on the inside (there are a lot of pvc balls in it), but she says the multiple bumps calm her and its small enough to discreetly fit on her seat.

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  • Bedtime Kit

    Bedtime Kit

    A kit filled with just the items you need to lull your kids off to sleep.
  • Therapist Kit

    Therapist Kit

    A bag chock full of therapy items for treating kids in school and on the road.
  • Cool Chews Butterfly

    Cool Chews Butterfly

    Wear this cool-looking chewy as a necklace or use as a pencil topper.
  • Chewy Superpack

    Chewy Superpack

    A super chewy pack for all your sensory and oral motor needs.
  • Super Chews

    Super Chews

    The Super Chew is a durable oral motor tool designed to provide positive oral stimulation.

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