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IRiS Color Selector Deluxe

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A new addition to the IRiS family, the IRiS Color Selector Deluxe boasts an impressive 8 switching modes designed to assist in developing life skills. For all modes, select a color and the IRiS Listener paired to the unit turns on. 1. Locked: The IRiS Listener changes to the new selected color when you press another switch. 2. Toggle: The IRiS Listener turns off when you press the same color. 3. Momentary: The IRiS Listener turns off when the user releases the switch. 4. Racing: The IRiS Listener stays locked on the color selected for 5 seconds before another color can be chosen. 5. Passive: The IRiS Listener scrolls slowly through colors. 6. Timed: The IRiS Listener stays on the selected color as long as dictated by the user using the timer. 7. Scroll Stop: The IRiS Listener starts changing color on its own. When the required color is seen, the user presses any switch and the unit stops on that color as long as dictated by the user using the 'timer' 8. Scroll Next: The IRiS Listener scrolls down the list of colors, changing to a random color when any switch is pressed. Features 8 brightly colored robust buttons designed to take the knocks and scrapes you would expect, 8 jack sockets that allow a user's favorite switch to be connected, and an LCD that allows easy mode identification. Ideal for developing color recognition, cause and effect, and switching skills. Powered by an integral battery. 2 year warranty. Please allow up to 10 weeks for the delivery of this product. For returns, a 20% restocking fee is applied.

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