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IRiS Qube INC Recordable Speaker

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Product Description

Get Moving to Learn Your Colors!

Create a fun, interactive environment in your sensory room. Each side of the soft iRis Qube is a different color. When you roll the cube, the speaker says the color. For example, throw a green and the speaker will shout "GREEN!" and the light will change to the color green. You can also record your own voice or sounds to customize what the cube “says” each time it’s rolled.

  • For use in the clinic or in your sensory room
  • Use to improve skills such as color recognition, gross and fine motor skills
  • Ages 3-10

Getting Started

Powered by a 9v PP3 replaceable battery (included) and the iRiS Recordable Speaker operates on mains voltage transformed to safer low voltage.

Ideas for Use

The Recordable Speaker includes 64 pre-recorded sounds, musical clips and noises to customize your experience. Or, Insert images into the plastic sleeves on each side of the cube and record your own sound clips to match.

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Helps With

Mood & Attention


  • 8”L x 8”H x 8”D
  • Weighs about 2 lbs.
  • Recordable speaker is approximately 6”W x 10”L x 4”D and weighs about 2 lbs.

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