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Magneatos Better Builder Set

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Product Description

Discover the Magic of this Magnetic Game

Is your child tired of building with standard wooden blocks? The Magneatos Better Builder Set can enhance the building experience with its unique rod and ball configurations that turn your child's creativity into real creations. Perfect for spatial exploration and fine motor training, Magneato Better Builders are a wonderfully inventive way to help children discover principles of science, construction and engineering while developing their own creative talents. Winner of an Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy award.

  • Suitable for individual or group activities
  • Great for any curious children
  • Age 2+

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Helps With

Coordination, Fine Motor, Vision



Ball: 1.8" Diameter
Short Rod: 2.75"L x 1" Diameter
Long Rod: 4.5"L x 1" Diameter
Short Curved Rod: 4"L x 1" Diameter
Long Curved Rod: 5.5" x 1" Diameter

Set of 30 Includes: 6 long rods, 14 short rods and 10 balls

Set of 60 Includes: 8 long rods, 22 short rods, 20 balls, 4 long curved rods and 6 short curved rods

Set of 100 Includes: 16 long rods, 36 short rods, 30 balls, 6 long curved rods and 12 short curved rods

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