• Quick View Cozy Canoe™

    Cozy Canoe™

    The Cozy Canoe is a perfect place to snuggle up with some calming pressure, work out the wiggles and practice balance skills
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  • Quick View Bean Bag Chair

    Bean Bag Chair

    Provides calming sensory input and a comfy place to sit for kids and adults.
    From $89.99 - $139.99

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  • Quick View Furry Spots

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    Furry Spots

    The softest spot on earth is right here! Use these tactile circles as place markers, seat cushions and more.


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  • Quick View My Magical Cushion

    My Magical Cushion

    Watch your little wiggler sit still with our Magical Cushion! This seat cushion is great for kids with attention deficit disorder and sensory processing issues.

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  • Quick View Lean-N-Learn Wedge Cushion

    Lean-N-Learn Wedge Cushion

    The wedge cushion that gently moves kids' hips and spine into an active learning position.
    From $28.99 - $29.99

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  • Quick View Squishy Gel Cushions

    Squishy Gel Cushions

    These wiggly seat cushions are great for young kids with sensory processing issues or autism as they allow kids to move in place. They also make great fidget toys!

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  • Therapist Pick

    Quick View Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chair™

    Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chair™

    Circle time, floor time, reading time, quiet time... any time is a good time for the Mushy Smushy Bean Bag Chair.

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  • Quick View Furry Seat Cover

    Furry Seat Cover

    Not only are these Feely Fur Cushion Covers cool looking, they are incredibly, amazingly soft.
    From $17.50 - $19.99

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  • Quick View T Stool

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    T Stool

    Challenges balance reactions, motor planning and coordination in the classroom or at home.

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  • Quick View Therapy Balls

    Therapy Balls

    Use this therapy ball for exercise, balance therapy, sensory therapy and just plain fun.
    From $20.99 - $29.99

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  • Quick View Hopper Balls

    Hopper Balls

    Working out on our hoppity hop Hopper Ball can improve sensory integration and coordination skills for kids of all sizes.
    From $19.99 - $23.99

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  • Quick View Peanut Balls

    Peanut Balls

    A perfect "saddle" seat for children who need more stability than a traditional ball chair or therapy ball.
    From $32.99 - $42.99

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