• Quick View Climbing Swring

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    Climbing Swring

    The revolutionary Swring is a new play technology that combines climbing and swinging into one great swing.

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  • Quick View Moovin & Groovin Swring

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    Moovin & Groovin Swring

    This 'funtastic' therapy swing fosters gross motor activities and sensory integration while providing endless entertainment.

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  • Quick View Basket Swring

    Basket Swring

    The Basket SwRing is a fun-tastic swing that promotes vestibular awareness, bilateral coordination, social skills and more.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Quick View Stretch Bands

    Stretch Bands

    Stretch bands are bold stretch bands that encourage kids to move and learn.
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  • Quick View Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands are covered in a terry cloth enabling even sensory defensive children to get a great workout!

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  • Quick View Clown punching bag

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    Clown punching bag

    This sturdy punching bag helps with motor planning, hand-eye coordination and behavior management.

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  • Quick View Hopper Balls

    Hopper Balls

    Working out on our hoppity hop Hopper Ball can improve sensory integration and coordination skills for kids of all sizes.
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  • Quick View CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls

    CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls

    These color-coded balls provide constant heavy work and are helpful for anyone with sensory processing disorder.
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