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Music Touch Wall

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Product Description

Press to Activate Sounds and Colorful Lights

Activate multi-colored LED lights and sounds with the slightest touch of your hand! Select one of the 10 pre-set programs. Have kids press the Music Touch Wall and the white screen fills with a colorful shape or design accompanied by a sound (music, drumbeat, or talking voice). This auditory and visual sensory tool helps children hone attention, tracking, cause and effect and color recognition skills. 

  • Offers visual and auditory stimulation 
  • Stimulating for under responders and calming for over responders 
  • Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
  • Made by Fun and Function 
  • All ages 

Getting Started

Designs include a cross, plus, squares, circles, numerals 1-9 and various shapes. Other programs include trails (wave your hand and light will follow your movements), radar (a swirl-like effect), ripple (waves of color ripple across the screen) and snake.

Please note: This item will be shipped separately from the rest of your order. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. Estimated date provided upon request.

Professional installation recommended. 

Use with adult supervision.


  • 30.5"L x 26.4"W x 3.5"D 
  • Weighs 49 lbs. 
  • Made of acrylic, Medicote paint, Medite MDF and LED lighting 
  • Surface wash. Air dry. 
  • Color: White 
  • Electrical outlet required


All sensory room components have been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab and meet or exceed government safety standards for flammability, physical and mechanical hazards, and lead. Electronic components are UL certified for safety.

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