• SensaSoft Compression Canoe

    The perfect squeeze for kids who crave calming pressure around their bodies.

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  • Under Huggers

    Offers more compression than a regular undershirt. A stretchy, breathable tank that provides pressure around the shoulders, trunk and hips.

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  • Sensory Room Socks

    From $24.99 - $159.99
    Enjoy your sensory room from head to toe! Comfy non-slip socks for multi-sensory activities.

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  • Pencil Extension Toppers

    For more discreet chewing at school. The same color as standard No. 2 pencils so they’re like camouflage!

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  • Chewy Wristband - Set of 2

    No more soggy sleeves! Supports orally focused kids who prefer cloth to chewies.

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  • Social Emotion Regulation Box

    Filled with engaging tools to support kids who have difficulties in social settings.

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  • Ball Pit Balls - 120 Pack


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    Fill up your ball pit with colorful balls for visual and tactile stimulation.

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  • Sensory Cocoon

    From $5,699.99 - $7,699.99

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    Soothing environment that engages the senses through tactile and visual stimulation.

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  • SkyBound Mini 40" Children's Trampoline


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    Get a jump on sensory input! For ages 3-6 with handle bar for safety.

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  • Floor Mats (Hook-and-Loop on 4 sides)

    From $285.99 - $343.99

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    Provide a safe landing underneath your climbing wall, then fold up and lock to discourage unsupervised use.

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  • Vibra Chews

    From $12.99 - $57.45
    Reach deep into the back of the jaw or massage the facial muscles.

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  • Emotion Balls


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    Each colorful ball features a different facial expression, helping children learn to recognize emotions.

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