• Kangaroo Pouch Suspender

    Stretch, bounce and swing! Provides sensory input and calming deep pressure for active kids.

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  • Net Swing


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    A swing for all ages that provides gentle pressure around the entire body. Lie down and swing or sit and pump your legs!

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  • Hammock Chair Basic ORQUÍDEA

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    Relax in this comfortable hammock that swivels 360 degrees. It’s large enough to hold a parent, too!

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  • Mesh Therapy Swing

    Great for active and passive swinging. Breathable mesh is ultra light, yet durable.

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  • Canvas Seat Swing


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    The comfy seat provides full-bottom support and "hugs" the body, making this great for those just learning how to swing.

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  • Canvas Sling Swing

    Generously sized to support the entire body in a fully reclining position. Swing while wrapped up like a taco!

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  • Raindrop Swing

    Climb in, stretch out and learn to balance and move in the Raindrop Swing.

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