KinderCare Education Brings Sensory-Based Program to Nearly 2,000 Locations

September 2016 – At the start of the school year, KinderCare Education, the largest private child care and early education provider, launched a new sensory based behavioral RTI program with Fun and Function. This is the largest implementation of the program, with nearly 2,000 KinderCare locations outfitted with sensory tools to support the growing population of children with special needs.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with KinderCare Education, and support their thought leadership in educating tens of thousands of children before and after school,” said Dov Daniel, VP of Educational Programming at Fun and Function. 

Called the ActiveMind Partnership, the program promotes inclusion on an unprecedented scale.  Sensory interventions and learning tools are integrated into the curriculum, fostering an appreciation for each child’s individual needs and supporting desirable outcomes.

Noting that Fun and Function partners with educational leaders at some of the largest school districts in the country, Mr. Daniel observed that KinderCare is in a unique position to rapidly and broadly implement such innovative initiatives as it does not have to contend with some of the hurdles facing educators in the public sphere. “KinderCare is seizing the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and set new standards for inclusion.”

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