Oregon Expands Supports for Families During COVID-19

Looking to support your child during COVID-19? Oregon’s Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) is looking to support you! Ask your service coordinator about the expanded Family Support program. Family Support funds can be used for up to $600 of resources that support your child, including their behavioral needs. Consider sensory solutions that help kids self-regulate, channel energy and focus. To create a custom package, ask our expert team which sensory tools are just right for your child’s needs.


Telehealth Equipment

Is your child now receiving services through telehealth? Purchase the sensory equipment you need in order to make the most of every therapy session. Share your child’s current therapy goals with us, and we’ll help you choose the appropriate telehealth equipment.


Behavioral Support

Is your child struggling behaviorally due to the changes and challenges of COVID-19? Create a soothing sensory space where your child can decompress. Fill it with calming tools that can help your child self-regulate, and identify and express their emotions. You and your child can enjoy the benefits of their improved self-expression and mood regulation throughout the day.


Active Kids, Action Rooms

Does your child need to move? Create a space where your sensory-seeker can bounce, swing, crawl and crash. Help your child get the vestibular and proprioceptive input that calms their systems so they can focus and learn.