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Pointer Finger Isolator - Child

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Why We Love It

Improve Finger Strength!

Finding it hard to tap only one area of your touch screen? Accidentally pressing multiple keys? Our Pointer Finger Isolator helps users with limited dexterity use mobile devices, iPads and keyboards. This tool prevents finger dragging when using technology. Slip it on like a glove to isolate the pointer finger for touching and typing and tuck the other fingers away. Can be used both by right handed and left handed people.

  • Improves finger dexterity and fine motor work
  • Great for anyone using any screened device
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Ages 3-7

Ideas for Use

  • Wear to use a tablet more accurately
  • Use in conjunction with an augmentative communication device
  • Use during fine motor activities to support pincer grasp or radial grasp

Helps With

Fine Motor Coordination & Strength


  • Child glove: 6.5"L x 4.2"W. Pointer finger: 1.5"L x 2" circumference. Thumb: 1.5"L x 2.5" circumference. Three finger portion: 2"L x 2.5"W. Weighs 0.2 oz. 
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Machine wash cold gentle. Dry flat.
  • Color: Neon green


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