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  1. Animal Lap Pads
    WR4268P Animal Lap Pads
    From $53.99
  2. Hank the Baby Hedgehog
    SP7256 Hank the Baby Hedgehog
  3. Weighted Teddy Bear
    CF6276 Weighted Teddy Bear
  4. Bubble Blanket
    CF6792 Bubble Blanket
  5. Time Timer MOD
    CF6989 Time Timer MOD
  6. Classroom Corner - Custom Choice
    CF7035 Classroom Corner - Custom Choice

    Starting at $37.99

6 Products

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Special Needs Products

Incorporating special needs products in the classroom, home and clinic can help kids meet therapy goals. During therapy sessions, kids with fine motor delays or sensory processing disorder can play and pretend using our fidgets, sensory putties and chewies, having fun while building key developmental skills. Other tools support kids with gross motor delays or speech and language difficulties. Our high quality sensory toys and tools are safety-tested and include ideas for use and safety information. Check out our weighted blankets and wiggle seats for more great products!