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  1. Clear Chew
    CF6113 Clear Chew
  2. Tree Frog Chewies - Set of 2
    CF6815 Tree Frog Chewies - Set of 2
  3. High Five Chews
    CF7307 High Five Chews
  4. Bucket of Chewies
    CF6699 Bucket of Chewies
  5. The Rock Chewy
    CF6269 The Rock Chewy
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5 Products

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Chewies & Chew Toys for Kids

Kids find that chewelry and sensory chew necklaces can satisfy that urge to chew. Chewies, like Z-Vibes, or whistles, can help boost focus and increase calm anywhere for kids with autism or sensory processing disorder. Chewing can also help relieve anxiety. Keep a chewy on hand for stressful situations by wearing a chew necklace when traveling or putting chewy toppers on your pencils when doing schoolwork. These chewies are colorful and appealing, making it easy for kids to choose some favorites for self-regulation or as a stimmy. They're safe too, made of food-grade silicone and tested for durability. Use in school or at home as part of a sensory diet. Check out more products, like sensory seating and weighted blankets.