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  1. Tie Dye Hug Tees
    DR6558P Tie Dye Hug Tees
    From $19.99
  2. Sensory Sleeves
    SP6108 Sensory Sleeves
  3. SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest
    WR5937P SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest
    From $349.99
  4. Squease Vest Strap Extender
    WR6011P Squease Vest Strap Extender
    From $29.99

4 Products

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Pressure Clothing

Our sensory clothing line includes our popular compression vest along with shirts and shorts that provide deep pressure. Compression vests provide steady proprioceptive input around the trunk, helping kids with autism calm down and cope with sensory overload. Our vest is thoughtfully designed with sensory sensitivities in mind, making it a great compression vest for kids with autism. Shirts and shorts are a more discreet compression clothing option. Made of soft, breathable fabric, our close-fitting compression clothing can be worn alone or under another layer of clothing. Tagless construction for extra comfort! Shop our related products, like pressure vests and compression tops and weighted blankets.