Kid's Weighted Clothing

Weighted Clothing for Kids

Weighted clothing promotes calm for kids, teens and adults with sensory processing disorder or autism. Strategically positioned weights provide proprioceptive input that helps those with autism feel grounded. Weighted vests are a fashionable weighted clothing choice for kids, teens and adults with autism. Wear for a calming feeling amid the morning rush, or put on for a few minutes when getting back to work after lunch. Weighted vests come in many styles and fabrics and the weights are removable, so that kids can choose the weighted vest that appeals to them. Some kids and adults with sensory processing disorder prefer gentle weight around the waist. Kids can wear weighted belts during playtime or while completing schoolwork. When adults with special needs navigate a busy airport or ride on a train, weighted belts are a compact weighted clothing option that provides proprioceptive input. Weighted baseball caps are a sporty fashion choice perfect for kids attending a baseball game or adults joining a community event like summer fireworks. Our line of weighted clothing includes many choices to suit every sensory profile. Shop our related products, like weighted vests and pressure clothing and compression shirts.