Sensory Putty

Putty is a therapist favorite and a favorite of kids and adults too. It's a versatile tool that can be used in therapy sessions to improve finger strength and hand strength, support finger isolation and dexterity and increase range of motion in the hand for kids with low muscle tone or adults with arthritis or injuries. It can be rolled, squeezed, pinched, flattened or shaped into small balls, perfect for stress relief or fidgeting during a sensory break. Putty tins are easy to stash in a backpack or purse, ideal for helping kids with autism or ADHD stay calm during long waits at the doctor's office or car rides. Safety-tested and CPSIA compliant, putty is available in a variety of colors and resistance levels, and fun twists like scented putty, sparkly putty or discovery putty with cool pieces hidden inside. Our therapeutic putty is made of silicone and designed without gluten, casein, latex and soy. For more tactile tools, check out our fidgets and sensory kits. Does your child feel better with sensory clothing? Check out our weighted denim vests.