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  1. Rockin Rocker Board
    CF4525 Rockin Rocker Board
  2. Air-Lite Barrel Roll
    CF4637 Air-Lite Barrel Roll
  3. Action Room - Standard
    KT6189 Action Room - Standard
  4. Concentration Rocker
    ST4351P Concentration Rocker
    From $179.99
  5. Therapy Rocker
    SP7377 Therapy Rocker

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Sensory Rockers

Rhythmic movement helps calm kids with autism or other sensory needs. For kids who are sensory, sensory rockers and rocking chairs are a seating option that promotes calm and focus at home or in school. Kids can gently rock while reading, enjoying screen time or just hanging with family or friends. A rocker board can be used discreetly under a desk in school or in the workplace, so that kids, teens or adults with autism or ADHD can benefit from the rhythmic motion. Other sensory equipment can also be adapted for kids who love rocking. Barrel rolls or compression seating like our Cozy Canoe offer kids opportunities for sensory rocking. Shop other sensory items with our selection of ball pits, sensory lights and trampolines.