Sensory Swings

Sensory swings offer more than fun for kids with autism or sensory integration disorder. Swinging promotes a healthy vestibular system, helping kids move through the world safely and with confidence. Vestibular input can be very calming to kids and teens with autism or ADHD. Platform swings, ladder swings, and skateboard swings encourage motor planning and help with coordination. Kids can use them for both gentle and more vigorous swinging. Climbing swings are great for kids who love to move and are a perfect addition to a sensory gym. Soft swings and hammocks support kids with low muscle tone, helping them build core strength. Kids and teens with autism can calm and relax as the swing sways gently. Many soft swings are also portable, so families can take their swing along when traveling. Most swings can be hung from ceiling suspensions or swing frames, and some can be hung from doorways too. For more alternative seating, check out our bean bag chairs and sensory cushions. Also browse our sensory kits for more ideas.