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  1. Vest Weights - Set of 5 1/2 lb. weights
    WR7190 Vest Weights - Set of 5 1/2 lb. weights
  2. Weighted Worm
    CF5874 Weighted Worm
  3. Stretch Denim Weighted Vest
    DR5902P Stretch Denim Weighted Vest
    From $52.49
  4. Denim Weighted Baseball Cap
    DR5899 Denim Weighted Baseball Cap
  5. The Original Weighted Compression Vest™ - Peace Graphic
    WR4285P The Original Weighted Compression Vest™ - Peace Graphic
    From $73.49
  6. Weighted Faux Fur Vest - Zebra
    WR3451P Weighted Faux Fur Vest - Zebra
    From $55.99
  7. Denim Weighted Vest
    DR6014P Denim Weighted Vest
    From $78.99
  8. Weighted Compression Belt
    DR6246P Weighted Compression Belt
    From $32.99
  9. Vest Weights
    WR4577P Vest Weights
    From $17.99
  10. Denim Weighted Lap Pad
    CF6353 Denim Weighted Lap Pad
  11. Soft Plush Weighted Blanket
    CF6443 Soft Plush Weighted Blanket
  12. Denim Pocket Lap Pad
    CF6545 Denim Pocket Lap Pad
  13. Jumbo Weighted Lap Pad
    CF6712 Jumbo Weighted Lap Pad
  14. Weighted Tactile Beanbags - Set of 5
    TC1801P Weighted Tactile Beanbags - Set of 5
    From $21.99
  15. Weighted Fleece Vest
    WR3004P Weighted Fleece Vest
    From $58.99
  16. Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag
    WR4257 Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag
  17. Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pads
    WR4274P Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pads
    From $35.99
  18. Weighted Pocket Scarf™
    DR4957 Weighted Pocket Scarf™
  19. Weighted Faux Fur Vest
    WR3457P Weighted Faux Fur Vest
    From $55.99
  20. Weighted Textured Balls - Set of 3
    SP6983 Weighted Textured Balls - Set of 3
  21. Weighted Log Roll
    SP6985 Weighted Log Roll
  22. Emoji Weighted Blanket
    CF6992 Emoji Weighted Blanket
  23. Designer Weighted Honeycomb Blanket
    CF6962 Designer Weighted Honeycomb Blanket
  24. Weighted Sensory Knot Ball
    CF7042 Weighted Sensory Knot Ball

Products 1-24 of 42

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Weighted Products

Weighted products promote calm for those with autism or sensory processing disorder. A lap pad is a portable sensory solution that helps kids, teens and adults feel grounded. Colorful lap pads with tactile interest are great for younger kids who benefit from proprioceptive input during circle time. Some lap pads have activity panels or detailed pictures, great for keeping fidgety fingers busy on long car rides or during story time, or for use during therapy sessions. Lap pads with extra tactile interest, built-in fidgets or vibration help kids self-regulate by engaging multiple senses. For kids who have the wiggles during family dinners or while eating at restaurants, a wipe down lap pad helps remind kids to stay settled. Lap pad covers include options ranging from faux fur to flippy sequins to LED lights, adding tactile and visual appeal for older kids or teens. Teens or adults with sensory needs may opt for more discreet lap pads, covered in fabrics like neutral denim or a weighted sensory knot ball. Weighted animals are a portable sensory solution and adorable companions too! With their friendly faces, weighted animals are easy to take along in the car or to doctor's appointments for soothing proprioceptive input in stressful situations. Kids love the gentle weight and soft fabric of weighted animals. Encourage socialization and language development by incorporating weighted animals into play time and therapy sessions. Weight can be integrated into clothing too. Weighted vests and weighted clothing include fashionable choices and sensory-friendly features such as compression. Kids, teens and adults can wear them to ease the stress of travel or to boost focus when completing tasks that require concentration. Weighted accessories such as belts, ties, or caps are even more discreet options. Wear a weighted belt during playtime, or a weighted cap while attending a noisy sporting event to promote calm. Weighted blankets provide the ultimate calming experience. The proprioceptive input can be especially beneficial for those with sensory processing disorders, anxiety, autism or sleep disorders. Weighted blankets can help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, improve sensory processing, boost attention and improve body awareness. Weighted blankets come in different sizes and textures to meet different needs and preferences. Weighted products can be integrated into every part of the day to support kids, teens and adults.