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Sensory-Based Problem Behaviors and Interventions

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Product Description

Strategies to Tackle Problem Behaviors in the Classroom

Perfect to have on hand in the classroom, this guide outlines 12 common sensory-based problem behaviors and provides therapeutic interventions for each. Under each problem behavior, you can quickly identify which behaviors the child may be displaying, their possible underlying causes, and several suggested sensory strategy solutions.

  • Outlines simple strategies for behaviors exhibited by children with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • For teachers and therapists working in the classroom
  • Age 3+

Covers the following behaviors:

  • Sitting/Poor Work Tolerance 
  • Vision/Attention Related 
  • Oral/Facial Related 
  • Visual Sensitivities 
  • Tactile/Proprioceptive/Personal Space Issues 
  • Self-Injurious Behaviors 
  • Gut Reactions Due to Perceived Stress/Anxiety
  • Difficulty Staying with the Group 
  • Delayed Immature/Inefficient Grasp Pattern 
  • Visual/Proprioceptive Sensory Seeking Wrist/ Hands 
  • Difficulty with Positioning/ Lower Extremity Awareness 
  • Oral Motor/ Self-Feeding Issues

Note: Use of recommended equipment and sensory strategies should be done only under the supervision of a trained therapist or other provider that has been trained by the primary therapist.

Helps With

Coordination, Mood & Attention, Sensory Over Responding, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Under Responders, Social Skills


  • 8.5"L x 11"H x 0.25"W
  • Hardcover, 42 pages

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