• Scented Putties

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    Choose from different scents and strengths of putty. Great for hand strengthening or as a hand fidget!

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  • Bubber Bucket (Ocean Blue)

    Bubber is a modeling compound that won't stick, stain or dry out - reuse it over and over to create new things!

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  • Jumbo Eyedroppers-Set of 6 (in a Stand)


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    Make experimenting fun with these eyedroppers that help with fine motor development as well as imaginative play.

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  • PlayFoam®

    Playfoam is a mess-free way to strengthen finger muscles, fine motor skills and imagination.

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  • Super Snow 1.5 lb Bucket


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    Make snow all year long with this amazing polymer. Just add water and stir!

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  • Bubber Box - 21 oz.

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    Bubber is an award-winning modeling compound that develops fine motor skills while helping with sensory processing.

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  • Slippery Squares and Spheres

    Slippery Spheres and Squares are fun to throw, squeeze and feel, providing hours of exciting finger exploration and sensory integration!

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