• Quick View Fun Frames™

    Fun Frames™

    An instant cozy sensory nook or quiet place to play. Versatile frames fold into a cube, triangle and other shapes.
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  • Quick View Soft Play Tunnel with LED Lights

    Soft Play Tunnel with LED Lights

    Crawl into this tunnel and enjoy the color-changing fiber optics for a calming sensory experience bar none!

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  • Quick View Sound-Proof Homework Kit

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    Sound-Proof Homework Kit

    Got the after-school homework blues? Let the Sound-Proof Homework Kit help your kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!

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  • Quick View Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Strengthen muscles while getting proprioceptive input in this stretchy rocketship-themed tunnel. Great for kids with autism and sensory challenges!

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  • Quick View Hide and Seek Tunnels

    Hide and Seek Tunnels

    Your child will develop coordination and strength through crawling in these friendly tunnels. Great for group and individual play.

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  • Quick View Crawling Tunnel

    Crawling Tunnel

    This is more than just a Crawling Tunnel - it's a treadmill, a ball pit and more!
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  • Quick View Privacy Pop Tent

    Privacy Pop Tent

    The Privacy Pop is a unique bed tent that is designed to provide a sense of security and privacy while providing calming sensory input.
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  • Quick View See Me Connecting Tunnel

    See Me Connecting Tunnel

    Develop body awareness, upper extremity strength and more in this sturdy tunnel.

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  • Quick View The Homework Tent

    The Homework Tent

    The perfect hideout, comfort zone or reading space.

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  • Quick View Hide & Seek Fred

    Hide & Seek Fred

    This comfortably-sized tunnel is a great escape for kids of most sizes and is a wonderful way to strengthen muscles and build coordination skills.

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  • Quick View Monkey Tunnel

    Monkey Tunnel

    Let your kids go bananas in this adorable monkey-themed tunnel where they can build strength and coordination skills simultaneously.

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  • Quick View Hide & Seek Queenie

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    Hide & Seek Queenie

    The Hide & Seek Queenie crawl-through tunnel creates a playful environment that is fit for a queen - or king!

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