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Habitat for Sensory Seekers

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Adaptive 8'x4' - Package with 2" Royal Blue Mats
Adaptive 8'x12' - Package with 2" Royal Blue Mats
Traverse Wall 6' x 4' 2" Royal Blue Mat
Traverse Wall 6' x 12' 2" Royal Blue Mat
Trampoline with Handrail
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Fold-and-Go Trampoline
Product is out of stock
Crash Mat (3' x 4')
Crash Mat Cover for 3' x 4'
Textured Platform Swing™ and Swivel
Product is out of stock
Medium Yellow Peanut Ball (15.5 x 30 inch)
Web Tower Swing
Large Red Peanut Ball - (18.5 x 36 inch)
LimeLite™ LED Stool
Gel Floor Tile 4 Pack - Multicolored
Blue Gel Floor Tiles - 4 Pack
Green Gel Floor Tiles - 4 Pack
Purple Gel Floor Tiles - 4 Pack
Red Gel Floor Tiles - 4 Pack
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Be Safe

Product Description

Redirect energy with Habitat for Sensory Seekers

Create a safe habitat for sensory seekers with excess energy and aggression. Target behaviors with heavy work and motor planning activities to jump, climb, crawl or swing. Customize your habitat with climbing walls, trampolines, crash mat, exercise balls, swings and LED seating. Flexible configuration for small or large spaces. Add our Classroom Break Box with a range of portable tools.

  • Targets aggressive behaviors with therapeutic sensory input and heavy work
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Ages 3+

Ideas for Use

Watch video on Sensory Habitats (also see ActiveMind School Partnership video). Download Self Regulation and Tracking for Kids.

Getting Started

We work individually with you to customize the Habitat for your home, clinic or school. 

Contact [email protected] for guidance. 

Please note: The following items will ship separately from the rest of your order: Climbing walls (MW5893, MW5894, MW5890, MW5899), Trampolines (VS4058, VS1986 VS1714), Crash mat and cover (VS3685, VS4942). Please allow 1-6 weeks for delivery and call for an estimated ship date.

Use with adult supervision.

Helps With

Coordination, Mood & Attention, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Under Responders


Our team provides expert guidance and support to help customize your Habitat:.

Adaptive Climbing Wall

WeeKidz Wall


Crash Mat and Cover

Peanut Balls

Textured Platform Swing

Web Tower Swing

Air-Lite Tire Swing

LimeLite LED Stool

Gel Tiles - 4 Pack


  • For safety, maintain a minimum clearance of 6 feet around the perimeter of any swing.
  • Extend protective floor matting 6 feet from the perimeter of equipment.


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