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Sensory Space at Home Large

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Concentration Rocker- Red ST4353
Heavy Herbert CF4583
Air-Lite Ball Pit SP4610
Air-Lite Barrel Roll CF4637
Textured Platform Swing™ and Swivel SP5019
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Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls - 500 Pack (Clear) MW6167
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EnviroSafe™ 4' x 6' Royal Blue Folding Mat MW6254
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Cozy Canoe™ - Large (Purple) CF6273
Gel Floor Tiles 4 Pack - Red SP6556
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LED Blanket SP6621
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LimeLite™ LED Cube - Mini 4" CF6753
Sound Activated light up Wall Panel SP7172

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Sensory Image Projector (3 wheels included) SP7175
Sensory Space at Home - Large KT7503

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Custom Corner Bubble Tube Area SC7259

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Distortion Mirror SP7373

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UV Fiber Optic Sensory Lighting Kit 100 x 40" CF4877
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Be Safe

Why We Love It

A Sensory Room That Stimulates and Soothes

This sensory space has it all! Fully-equipped home sensory gym supports kids and teens of many abilities. Engage with stimulating interactive elements, swing and move for vestibular and proprioceptive input, or relax and enjoy calming visual effects and gentle weight. Boost concentration, reduce stress, manage challenging behavior and create calm.

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  • Sensory play room promotes sensory integration
  • Supports kids, teens and adults with autism, behavioral disorders, anxiety or sensory integration disorder 
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

  • Build the ultimate engaging obstacle course by incorporating sensory elements such as Gel Floor Tiles, Cozy Canoe™, Air-Lite Ball Pit and Air-Lite Barrel Roll
  • Reset your mood as you explore the mesmerizing visual effects of the Sensory Corner Den or Sensory Steplite
  • Set a rotation to provide different types of sensory experiences

Getting Started

Please refer to individual product pages for safety information.

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Use with adult supervision.

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Tactile Seeking, Visual Stimulation, Tactile Defensiveness, Social Emotional Learning



All sensory room components been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab and meet or exceed government safety standards for flammability, physical and mechanical hazards, and lead. Electronic components are UL certified for safety.

Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

When using our products, remember that you – as the caregiver – know your child best. Please follow our safety recommendations, and provide additional supervision as needed for your child.

Though no chewy is indestructible, our categories can be helpful when choosing a chewy. Make sure the chewy you choose is appropriate for your child’s development and needs. Please follow our safety recommendations for chewies. Chewies should always be used with adult supervision.