Sensory Activities & Tools for Special Needs Kids

Sensory Strategies

Sensory Solutions. Some people think in terms of problems. At Fun and Function we think in terms of solutions and for every challenge we know there is more than one solution. Sensory Solutions are tools that address the needs of some of the most common challenges facing parents, teachers and therapists working with children with special needs. We have put together some of our favorite and most helpful tools for Autism, ADHD, Auditory Sensitivity, Biting, Character Development, Classroom Learning, Early Intervention, Homework and Test Taking, Picky Eating, Toilet Training, Sensory Dieting, Sleep Help, Time Management, Transitions, Traveling and Visual Motor Integration. We have directed those tools into these categories to make your selection and purchasing a pleasurable experience that is targeted to your specific needs. You will find some of our latest and greatest items such as our weighted lap pads and deep pressure vests, but you will also find some hidden treasures like using earphones while test taking or a fidget while transferring from one situation to the next. So, step into your child’s world. Step “out of the box.” Think like a problem-solver and become part of the solution.