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  • Round Plush Maze

    Take this light and compact maze on the go to encourage finger isolation and practice fine motor work.

    In stock

  • Social Emotion Regulation Box

    Filled with engaging tools to support kids who have difficulties in social settings.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Fidget Balls-3 Pack

    Squeeze, toss or catch these visually enticing fidget balls for hours of entertainment and sensory processing!

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  • Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit

    Compare At: $25.99

    Ours: $13.99

    Save: 46%
    Two soft plush mazes that keep your fingers busy and engaged.

    In stock

  • Let's Go Finger Fishing

    This manipulative teaches kids fine motor skills and dressing skills and is great fun at home or when traveling.

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Discovery Disc™

    Find it, hide it, shake it, toss it, hold it and stay busy for hours!

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Busy Fingers™ Tangram Gel Puzzle

    $29.99 As low as: $28.50
    Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle by Fun and Function teaches spatial relationships and visual processing with a fun fidget toy.

    In stock

  • Pinch Worm

    Pinch Worm is the ultimate fidget kit that strengthens and occupies the hands!

    In stock

  • Spiral Gel Maze


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    This spiral gel maze that strengthens fine motor coordination, intrinsic finger control and visual tracking!

    In stock

  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starts at $9.99

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Activity Guide: Take a Sensory Motor Break (10 Pack)

    Step-by-step activities to refocus tired, hyper or restless students in about ten minutes.

    In stock

  • Superactive LED Bubble Tube


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    Discover the magic of the Bubble Tube which filters sensory overload, calms overactive users and entices those who are withdrawn.

    In stock

  • Musical Touch Wall

    Hear and see music come alive! Use your hands to create music and light up the LED wall.

    In stock

  • Interactive Floor System

    Project floor and wall images to encourage interactive movement

    In stock

  • Language Memory Matching Game

    $9.99 As low as: $7.50
    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while encouraging social interaction.

    In stock

  • The Multi-Matrix Game


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    A revolution in therapeutic gaming that helps with coordination, auditory and speech processing, math, sequencing, building social skills and so much more.

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  • Perplexus

    From $21.99 - $24.99
    Perplexus is a 3-dimensional puzzle maze that helps build hand-eye coordination in an addictively fun game. Great for travel!

    Out of stock

  • Spot It!

    Spot it! is the hottest card game that both kids and adults can't resist. Learn to focus, concentrate and Spot it!

    In stock

  • Reading Focus Card Combo-2 Pack

    These Reading Focus Cards make reading easier by blocking out surrounding text and helping to focus the eye the right place.

    In stock

  • Interactive Reading Book Sets

    Regular Price: $79.99


    Save: 25%

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    These 3-D interactive books were designed with emergent and special needs readers in mind.

  • Push Down Table Top Scissors


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    These table top scissors can cut through paper with the use of only one hand. Great for kids with autism or weak fine motor skills.

    Only 4 Left!

  • Long Loop Scissors


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    These scissors are comfortable to grasp and make learning to cut easy.

    In stock

  • Long Loop Easi-Grip Scissors


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    Learn to cut easily with these self opening scissors whose extended loop makes gripping extra comfortable.

    Only 3 Left!

  • Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit



    Save: $10.00

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    Create a personal office space in any home or classroom to help kids focus better on schoolwork or homework.

    In stock

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