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  • ABC 123 Putty Mats

    Practice your ABCs and 123s to strengthen fine motor skills, letter recognition, and counting.

    In stock

  • Bubble Table


    The ever-changing colors and bubbles create a soothing atmosphere for any sensory space. 

    Only 6 Left!

  • Bubble Tube


    Transform any room with soothing bubbles and calming color. Creates a sensory space that helps stimulate under responders and calm over responders. 

    Only 7 Left!

  • Bubble Wall


    This 6’H wall of soothing bubbles and changing colors helps to create an atmosphere of calm in your sensory room. 

    Only 10 Left!

  • Social Emotion Regulation Box

    Filled with engaging tools to support kids who have difficulties in social settings.

    Only 2 Left!

  • Brushy Ball

    Getting kids to brush has never been easier! This sink-top timer and instructor gives visual and audible cues.

    In stock

  • Scented Putty Refreshing

    Scented putty infused with essential lemon oils to boost attention and focus.

    In stock

  • Pencil Weights- Set of 3

    Compare At: $17.49

    Ours: $13.99

    Save: 20%
    Slip a pencil weight onto your pencil for proprioceptive feedback.

    In stock

  • Palm Weight - Set of 2

    Compare At: $23.00

    Ours: $14.99

    Save: 35%
    It's the perfect sized weight that fits right into the palm of a hand for improving handwriting and writing skills or in place of a fidget

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Therapist Kit

    Compare At: $299.99

    Ours: $249.99

    Save: $50.00
    Chock-full of versatile tools for kids of varying abilities. Perfect for PTs and OTs who work in schools or on the go.

    Only 1 Left!

  • Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit

    Compare At: $25.99

    Ours: $13.99

    Save: 46%
    Two soft plush mazes that keep your fingers busy and engaged.

    In stock

  • ABC Look & Feel Bag

    A great travel, fidget toy. Can you find all 26 letters?

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Busy Fingers™ Tangram Gel Puzzle

    $29.99 As low as: $28.50
    Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle by Fun and Function teaches spatial relationships and visual processing with a fun fidget toy.

    In stock

  • Pinch Worm

    Pinch Worm is the ultimate fidget kit that strengthens and occupies the hands!

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Classroom Break Boxes: Sensory Tool Kit

    From $199.99 - $499.99
    Quick! Open the Break Box and get 12+ tools to help tired, wild or restless students return to learning.

    In stock

  • Early Childhood Break Box

    Fun, colorful sensory tools that help engage young sensory seekers, under responders and over responders.

    Only 3 Left!

  • Teen Break Box

    Sensory solutions and tools that help tweens and teens re-focus, self-regulate and channel restless energy.

    In stock

  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starts at $9.99

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Activity Guide: Take a Sensory Motor Break (10 Pack)

    Step-by-step activities to refocus tired, hyper or restless students in about ten minutes.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Bronze

    Soothe the senses with our Bronze Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Silver

    Soothe the senses with our Silver Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    In stock

  • Rabbit Sensory Habitat

    Starts at $19.99

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    An awesome sensory habitat for the home for kids that are overly stimulated.
  • Panda Sensory Habitat

    Starts at $29.99

    An at home sensory environment for 'Under Responders'.
  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Starts at $13.99

    Soothe the senses with your own Custom Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.
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