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  • Robot Chewy

    Robot Chewy is tough enough to withstand your chewers and biters who need an oral motor workout.

    In stock

  • Bubble Table


    The ever-changing colors and bubbles create a soothing atmosphere for any sensory space. 

    Only 6 Left!

  • Bubble Wall


    This 6’H wall of soothing bubbles and changing colors helps to create an atmosphere of calm in your sensory room. 

    Only 10 Left!

  • Social Emotion Regulation Box

    Filled with engaging tools to support kids who have difficulties in social settings.

    Only 2 Left!

  • Lotus Amethyst


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    Zen Rocks! A stylish new twist on teething jewelery for chewers who want to be "cool" and for mom's with teething babies.

    In stock

  • ABC Look & Feel Bag

    A great travel, fidget toy. Can you find all 26 letters?

    In stock

  • Chewy Necklace Kit



    Two great chewable necklaces that provide finger work and oral motor exploration.

    In stock

  • Chewy Superpack



    Save: 16%
    A variety of chewies with varying textures to support oral motor needs.

    In stock

  • Vibra Chews

    From $12.99 - $57.45
    Reach deep into the back of the jaw or massage the facial muscles.

    In stock

  • XXT Grabber Kit (Extra Extra Tough)

    The Grabber XXT is the toughest chewy we've found! Great for sensory seekers and anyone with weak mouth muscles.

    Only 3 Left!

  • ARK’s Tip Kit for the Z-Vibe®


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    Ten great tips for your Z-vibe to tantalize and stimulate oral motor responses.

    Only 4 Left!

  • ABC Touch and Feel Letters

    Learning the alphabet becomes a multisensory experience with these ABC Touch and Feel Letters!

    In stock

  • Let's Go Finger Fishing

    This manipulative teaches kids fine motor skills and dressing skills and is great fun at home or when traveling.

    In stock

  • Sensory Bin Kit

    From $9.99 - $49.99
    The same tactile exploration and fun of a sensory table, with the convenience of easy storage and portability.

    In stock

  • Mood Squares

    $42.99 As low as: $40.99
    Feeling happy, sad or angry? Squeeze, manipulate and choose your mood.

    In stock

  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starts at $9.99

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Therapist Pick

    Monster Bean Bags- Set of 3

    $32.99 As low as: $31.35
    Toss em or hug em? Monster Beanbags are perfect for kids of all ages.

    In stock

  • Activity Guide: Take a Sensory Motor Break (10 Pack)

    Step-by-step activities to refocus tired, hyper or restless students in about ten minutes.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Bronze

    Soothe the senses with our Bronze Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Silver

    Soothe the senses with our Silver Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Gold

    Soothe the senses with our Gold Package ChillSpa to help decrease aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    In stock

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Starts at $13.99

    Soothe the senses with your own Custom Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.
  • Musical Touch Wall

    Hear and see music come alive! Use your hands to create music and light up the LED wall.

    In stock

  • Social Skills Board Games

    This set of six board games encourages children to work together to improve their social
    skills and understanding of others.

    Only 3 Left!

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