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  1. Bucket of 15 silicone chewies including necklaces, bangles and pencil toppers
    CF6699 Bucket of Chewies
  2. Wipe Clean Break Box® Container
    CF7504 Wipe Clean Break Box®
  3. boy sitting in a tent with noise Reduction Headphones, Find Me Lap Pad, Wiggle Cushion, CheweLs, Squeeze Lizards, Grabbers
    KT2402 Self Calming Tool Kit
  4. Kids using the Classroom Weighted Focus Kit
    KT2396 Classroom Weighted Focus Kit
  5. Sensory kit including At the Beach weighted sand, Emotions Putty and CheweLs
    SP6065 Sensory Kit
  6. Blue Break Bag™ packed with On-the-Go Sensory Solutions
    CF6068 Break Bag™
  7. Early Childhood Break Box Sensory Tool Kit
    CF5943P Classroom Break Boxes®: Sensory Tool Kit
    From $214.99
  8. Early Childhood Break Box®
    CF6062 Early Childhood Break Box®
  9. Therapist Kit messenger bag, in colors Black and blue, with the Fun and Function logo
    CF6231 Therapist Kit
  10. Teen Break Box® Container
    CF7164 Teen Break Box®
  11. Girl smiling with the Sensory Survival Kit™ - Pencil Toppers, Scarves Set, Putty, Gel Puzzle, Stretch Band, Fidget Brushes
    CF6512 Sensory Survival Kit™
  12. Large Sensory Bin container
    SP5876P Sensory Bin
    From $5.49
  13. Bag of Fidgets
    KT8612 Bag of Fidgets

    Starting at $8.49

  14. Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice
    KT6008 Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starting at $9.99

  15. Girl smiling while sitting on the Lean-N-Learn Wedge Cushion and coloring at her desk.
    CF6013 Move N Rock Study Kit
  16. Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
    CF7236 Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
    Out of stock
  17. Take a Motor Break!
    KT2404 Take a Motor Break!
    Sale Price $197.99 Regular Price $199.99
    Out of stock
  18. Social Emotional Learning Box™, Lap Pad, Emotion Balls, Putty, Emotions Card, Spot Markers, Calm Down Jar, Regulation Cubes
    SP6087 Social Emotional Learning Box™
    Out of stock

18 Products

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