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  1. Kids using the Classroom Weighted Focus Kit
    KT2396 Classroom Weighted Focus Kit
  2. Wipe Clean Break Box® Container
    CF7504 Wipe Clean Break Box®
  3. Sensory kit including At the Beach weighted sand, Emotions Putty and CheweLs
    SP6065 Sensory Kit
  4. Blue Break Bag™ packed with On-the-Go Sensory Solutions
    CF6068 Break Bag™
  5. Early Childhood Break Box Sensory Tool Kit
    CF5943P Classroom Break Boxes®: Sensory Tool Kit
    From $214.99
  6. Early Childhood Break Box®
    CF6062 Early Childhood Break Box®
  7. Therapist Kit messenger bag, in colors Black and blue, with the Fun and Function logo
    CF6231 Therapist Kit
  8. Teen Break Box® Container
    CF7164 Teen Break Box®
  9. Girl smiling with the Sensory Survival Kit™ - Pencil Toppers, Scarves Set, Putty, Gel Puzzle, Stretch Band, Fidget Brushes
    CF6512 Sensory Survival Kit™
  10. Social Emotional Learning Box™, Lap Pad, Emotion Balls, Putty, Emotions Card, Spot Markers, Calm Down Jar, Regulation Cubes
    SP6087 Social Emotional Learning Box™
  11. Bucket of 15 silicone chewies including necklaces, bangles and pencil toppers
    CF6699 Bucket of Chewies
  12. Large Sensory Bin container
    SP5876P Sensory Bin
    From $5.49
  13. Bag of Fidgets
    KT8612 Bag of Fidgets

    Starting at $8.49

  14. Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice
    KT6008 Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starting at $9.99

  15. Girl smiling while sitting on the Lean-N-Learn Wedge Cushion and coloring at her desk.
    CF6013 Move N Rock Study Kit
  16. Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
    CF7236 Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
    Out of stock
  17. Take a Motor Break!
    KT2404 Take a Motor Break!
    Sale Price $197.99 Regular Price $199.99
    Out of stock

17 Products

per page
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