• Quick View Chewy Straps

    Chewy Straps

    With neon colors and tactile textures, these bracelets are a cool-looking oral motor outlet for biters and chewers.

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  • Quick View The Rock Chewy

    The Rock Chewy

    Hard as a rock, the Rock Chewy is tough enough for aggressive biters.
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  • Quick View Thingamajig Chewy-Set of 2

    Thingamajig Chewy-Set of 2

    A set of two fidget/chewies that are fun to manipulate and keep nearby for when a sensory break or oral motor needs are warranted.

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  • Quick View Vibra Chew

    Vibra Chew

    Reach deep into the back of the jaw or massage the facial muscles with the Vibra Chew.
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  • Quick View Cool Chews Retro Pink Car

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    Cool Chews Retro Pink Car

    Cool Chews are a fun, socially appropriate way to calm and focus kids.


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  • Quick View Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.

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  • Quick View Tactile Scrub Brush -10 Pack

    Tactile Scrub Brush -10 Pack

    This tactile brush has soft, flexible bristles on one side and soft foam on the other to provide a choice between two types of tactile stimulation.

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  • Quick View Sensory Kit

    Sensory Kit

    The perfect sensory kit for kids of all ages, this set includes 3 tools for helping kids get calm, strengthen finger muscles and more.


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