Move & Work

  • Quick View Kangaroo Pouch Suspender

    Kangaroo Pouch Suspender

    Stretch, bounce and swing! Provides sensory input and calming deep pressure for active kids.

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  • Quick View Regulation Putty™

    Regulation Putty™

    This playful putty strengthens hands and improves fine motor planning. The expressive faces hidden inside help kids learn emotions so they can express how they feel.

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  • Quick View Pointer Finger Isolator

    Pointer Finger Isolator

    Improves finger strength and dexterity for computer work and using a tablet.


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  • Quick View Button Pizzazz

    Button Pizzazz

    Practice buttoning and unbuttoning to encourage visual motor integration, following directions, motor planning and fine motor training.


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Move and Work. Some call it “heavy work” and some call it “effort.” Products in this category have been selected to encourage and promote a coordinated relationship between the brain and the body or as we at Fun and Function call it, “Conscious Movement.” You will find yoga, resistance bands, balance boards, active swings, chewies (mouth work), manipulatives (hand work), crash pads, bikes, scooters, ladders and tunnels. These products are a perfect fix for children who are “sensory seekers” and need focused, heavy work to engage their bodies with their brains. The result? a more calm, centered individual who knows how to use their body appropriately. If you have a child who is constantly on the move, touching, jumping, shouting and running, try a focused movement activity that combines thinking and moving together. You can select from activities that focus on the hands, mouth, upper body, legs or core and yet engage their minds. Yoga is a great place to start. It is amazing what attention combined with movement can produce. For some the heavier the work, the better.For children who are sensory “under responders” movement tools can provide them with the foundation, structure and strengthening that they need to survive in their day-to-day activities. Do not underestimate the power of core strengthening or cardiovascular activity on a child’s sensory systems. You may even want to create a “motor room” in your school, home or clinic. We’d love to help! Need some suggestions on how to engage the brain and body? Just let us know, because at the heart of it all, kids on the move are happy kids.